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Kontrast biały + Kontrast biały + 69,00 zł 99,00 zł

Skołowana czerwona Skołowana czerwona 129,00 zł 149,00 zł

Kontrast w fuksji Kontrast w fuksji 69,00 zł 99,00 zł

Rohe fuksjowe Rohe fuksjowe 99,00 zł 109,00 zł


Easter promotion and Easter Bunny chase!

We've prepared for you special EASTER EGG PROMOTION and EASTER BUNNY CHASE! If you wish to know details, please click and read more :)


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Sunny sale!

It's time for a little sunny sale! During following 10 days, from 07.02.2014 to 16.02.2014, all URKYEclothes will be available in special prices. Enjoy shopping!


Christmas sale!

Don't forget about yourself during Christmas time!
We've prepared something special for you: ALL items from our shop are available in sale prices. Christmas sale starts on Friday, 6th December and will finish on Sunday, 15th December.


Sewing with imagination!



URKYE means sewing with imagination and awareness of space - we know that you have gorgeous boobs, excellent waist and stunning hips that should be properly underlined. We know that you hate gaping buttons or situation when seam that should lie under your bust goes up directly to your nipples. Or maybe you hate when jersey tops rolled to your waist instead of lie gently on your hips? Oh, believe us, we do.

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Francuzka w bieli Francuzka w bieli
Price: 79,00 zł
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Przeplatanka czerwona Przeplatanka czerwona
Price: 75,00 zł
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Supłowoda kiwi Supłowoda kiwi
Price: 65,00 zł
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Klasyk biały Klasyk biały
Price: 119,00 zł
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Łódka niebieska Łódka niebieska
Price: 89,00 zł
LTD: Dziergany antracyt LTD: Dziergany antracyt
Price: 129,00 zł 179,00 zł
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